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A friend

Timothy Sprigge and Leslie Armour, Oxford 2005

Timothy Sprigge and Leslie Armour, Oxford 2005

Leslie Armour 1931 – 2014

This photo was taken by me in the Kings Arms, Oxford. Timothy Sprigge is on the left and Leslie Armour is on the right. It was a luck shot and they appear so happily animated.

Timothy was delighted with it. “This is what we do!”, he said to me, beaming. Many people who have read philosophy will know of Thomas Nagel’s celebrated work, “What’s It Like To Be A Bat?” What is a lesser known fact is that it was in response to that question which had been posed by Timothy. (77,000 Google finds compared with 850 tells its own story.) Amongst his many works, he wrote the only complete account to be found of George Santayana’s thinking. Unfortunately, he was to pass away only two years after this photograph was taken.

Leslie was a very good friend of mine for many years. He began his academic career at the University of Montana, and subsequently held positions at CSU Northridge, Waterloo, and Cleveland State. He was professor emeritus at the University of Ottawa and research professor at Dominican University College. He worked in metaphysics, philosophy of religion, history of early modern philosophy, 19th Century philosophy, Canadian philosophy, and the philosophy of economics. He was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

He kept a flat at Kings Cross so he could get easily to the British Library. I would meet him for lunch at a local pub if I was in London for the day. But I saw him at Oxford, Manchester and even in Greece at various conferences.

Quite apart from his considerable intellectual qualities, he was a tremendously warm hearted and jovial individual who relished life and gave us much enjoyment too.

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Never express any political views – especially on a political blog!



Fuck You, Harry!

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It’s about a box and what’s inside. Entanglement.

It is better to read Niels Bohr than Bishop Berkley. Then the problem goes away.

But I am like the Urban Spaceman. I don’t exist.

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